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Yes, this is absolutely correct Ukrainian version of the Russian "Pyotr",
Italian "Pietro", Spanish "Pedro", English "Peter", etc. All of them have
Greek and/or Latin root, which means "rock", or "stone", which exists by
itself in Spanish as "la piedra."

The only nuance related to the Ukrainian name "Petro" is THE STRESS on the
2nd syllable, and it's clear [O] -- not even a slight hint of schwa...

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> Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko:
> Any expert Slavist perspective on the idionym <Petro>?
> WB's reaction:  Boy, is that different from Russian <Pyotr>. Is <Petro> a
> <<normal>> Ukrainian development? (No connection with petroleum?
> Chocolate.)
> ?? Russian borrowing of Italian <Pietro> --> Ukranian <Petro>??
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