"like a herd of turtles"

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Straight Dope discussion:


1946 _Coe [College] Cosmos_ [Cedar Rapids, Ia.] (Jan. 30): The bell rings
and we see your favorite people and mine rushing like a herd of turtles for
the dining room.

1967 _Time_ (Sept. 22): Then, recalls Platoon Sergeant John E. Lewis, 22,
"the enemy came across the paddies in waves like a herd of turtles."

The HDAS files have several exx., but none earlier than 1946.  (_I, the
Jury_, [1952], affords it an appearance in classic literature.) 169,000 raw
Google hits.

The usual implication is not slowness but headlong confusion.

Don't know about anyone else, but I recognize "your favorite people and
mine" as a TV-radio cliche' of the godawfully distant past. Seven raw
Google hits besides the newspaper.


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