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Danilo -- stress on “i”

Dmytro -- stress on “o”

Kyrylo -- stress on the 2nd “y”

Mykhailo -- stress on “a”

Pavlo -- stress on “o”

Petro -- stress on “o”

(All above are full first names.)

Slavko -- stress on “o” (diminutive, probably for “Stanislav”, or

Grytsjko -- stress on “o” (Note: here they used “y” and “tsj” to replace
letters and sounds, which don’t exist in English. I can pronounce them, but
don't have any idea how to describe them to you... (;'-((( This name is a
diminutive for “Grigor” [Gregory.])

Levko -- stress on “o” (diminutive for “Lev” -- English "Leo.")

Jurko -- stress on “o”, but they used “J”, where I believe should be “Y”
before “u” to make a sound as in “you” -- this is diminutive for Yuriy, or

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> The *%@$ing websites never indicate stress placement. Are all of these
> stressed on the final syllable [-o]?  The o-ending does have a more Balkan
> feel to it.
> Danilo, Dmytro, Kyrylo, Mykhailo, Pavlo, Petro, Slavko, Grytsjko, Levko,
> Jurko
> iw:  <<With such interest in Ukrainian you probably might find some
> classes?
> >>
> WB:  My interest in Ukrainian was tangential to a minor in Indo-European
> archeology (<<kurgans>>). What little I mislearned 40 years ago is long
> forgotten.
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