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Funny you should mention that. I just came across an article with the title
that mentioned a Dunkin Donuts corporate official who "wants you to think
of a sandwich as a snack, not a full lunch". There was no hook, so I
skipped the article but noted the content. Now that you mentioned it, I
have an insentive to find it again.


On Jun 10, 2014 1:48 PM, "Benjamin Barrett" <gogaku at> wrote:
> ...
> Oddly, that definition calls a banh mi a "snack." That same Oxford
Dictionary website defines "snack" ( as "A
light meal that is eaten in a hurry or in a casual manner" so perhaps
defining a sandwich as a snack is appropriate, but to me (US usage?)
anyway, defining a type of sandwich as a snack is completely misleading.
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