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> "bubs"

I didn't come across this particular use of the sound, [b^bz], till I was
about to graduate from high school in 1954. Since it was spoken be a fellow
colored fellow, I thought that he had said "bulbs." However, context made
clear that he was talking about the breasts of a girl on the bus with us
and, of course, "bulbs" makes  perfect semantic sense.

As it happen, this was a hapax. After years of never hearing this spoken,
again - still true as of this nanosecond - while, thanks to the loosing of
the bonds of censorship, finding many hundreds of examples of "bubs" in
print and none of "bulbs" in the relevant sense, I have come to realize
that there is no slang-term, "bulbs," meaning "breasts," in B, or in any
other variety of, E.

Why not, I wonder? It's so obvious and the two words, in some dialects, are
indistinguishable. "Boody" was immediately "corrected" to "booty." Yet,
AFAIK, "bub" lives on.


However, almost amusingly, the UD has the following:


What your mother calls a tit.

"Don't pinch my bulb."

by christine February 06, 2004

I would not be surprised to discover that her mom does, in fact, use "bub,"
"bub" as "breast" being as unknown to the UD as it once was to me.



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