Antedating of "sheesh" [1955]

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> Variety has a slightly earlier example...
> "Top 30 Songs on TV ... Sheesh, What a Grouch. Jaglea."
> Variety, 23 Feb 1955, p. 42
> The same listing appears in the 26 Feb 1955 issue of Billboard:
> JaGlea was Jackie Gleason's music publishing company. The song was
> sung by Art Carney -- you can hear it here:
> --bgz

And Billboard has a slightly earlier, more exasperated, example...

Page 56, The Billboard, January 15, 1955:

Sheeesh, What a Grouch... 67
COLUMBIA 40387--Carney is still trying to come up with a material
click--trying too hard, maybe--this won't make it.

Google News gives nothing old but gives this new:

"On a lighter side, I always remember Art Carney, as Ed Norton on "The
Honeymooners," saying, "Sheesh, what a grouch!" whenever Jackie Gleason, as
Ralph Cramden, blew his stack. Humor can be like releasing a pressure valve
to relieve the stress of anger."

"The Honeymooners is an American sitcom [1955-1956], based on a recurring
1951–55 sketch of the same name. It originally aired on the DuMont
network's Cavalcade of Stars and subsequently on the CBS network's The
Jackie Gleason Show".

So for there to be a January 1955 record from the show, it must be pre-1955
in the show...


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