The Proper Pronunciation of Certiorari

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HS: Re: The Proper Pronunciation of Certiorari
The second pronunciation in the list suggest a justice who
​ ​
his/her Church Latin pronunciation.>
> ser-shee-or-RAHR-ee
> sert-zee-or-RAHR-ee
> ser-shee-or-RARE-eye
> ser-shee-or-RARE-ee
> ser-shee-or-ARR-eye
> ser-shee-ARR-ee
​Church Latin should be more like Italian: [CHAIR-tsee-oh-RAH-ri]​.
​Classical Latin (reformed): [CARE-tea-oh-RAH-ri].​
​Anglicized (having undergone Great English Vowel *Movement*, etc.):
Other European Latin traditions would have their own native variations.
​The residue explainable as ​blends & laziness.


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