"tl" in Chipotle

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Jun 28 15:55:13 UTC 2014

For "chipotle" at m-w.com I hear ~chippoetlae  (stress on ppoe with "oe" and "ae" being long o and long a.
See/hear at  http://tinyurl.com/28n6m2r
I hope this pastes OK.
Tom Zurinskas, Conn 20 yrs, Tenn 3, NJ 33, now FL 12.See how English spelling links to sounds at http://justpaste.it/ayk

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> RE: [belted-L, voiceless dental or alveolar lateral fricative]
> EP:  <<English does not really have [=C9=AC] (this is also the same sound
> as Welsh "ll" and trips up English native speakers)>>
> WB: Actually, English does have a partially devoiced lateral after
> aspiration & voiceless fricatives [L-with-subscript-circle]. (Cf. Wikip
> s.v. <Llewelen>, anglicized <Flewellen>.)
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