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Other examples of more generalized pornography that come to mind include:

food porn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_porn
disaster porn: 
earth porn: http://earthporn.org/

A COCA search for "[nn*] porn" also turns up torture porn, reality porn, 
death porn, and (new to me) ruin porn. Of course, there's also stuff 
like "kiddie porn" and "internet porn," in which "porn" still has its 
more specific meaning.


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> 'Luridly appealing to a debased sensibility.'
> http://www.flickfilosopher.com/2014/01/lone-survivor-review-never-get-involved-land-war-asia.htm
> l
> ."..acknowledges the powerful fraternity of soldiers without being
> jingoistic about their work, and one that depicts the intensity and
> adrenaline of a battlefield without being pornographic about it."
> Obviously alluding to "pornography of violence," but the key word
> "violence," while it is suggested, does not appear.
> JL

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