[Ads-l] list function

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Nov 3 23:09:31 UTC 2014

OK, the two messages now showed up in email, but not in the 
archives--after 40 minutes in limbo.


On 11/3/2014 5:43 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
> I'm having a hard time with the list today -- more specifically, in 
> the last half-hour.
> I posted two short messages--links to old use of "strategery", in 
> response to Jon's post. Neither one showed up on the list--or arrived 
> back in my box (a BCC copy to myself did arrive). In an attempt to 
> check the list, I tried using my saved link for ADS-L search page and 
> got an error message. When I went to the ADS-L archive, which does 
> appear to be functioning, I did not find either of the two messages I 
> posted. An earlier message I posted in reply to another thread did 
> show up fine.
> Here's the text of the two missing messages.
>> Someone needs to explain this: http://goo.gl/8CjRjz
>> And another:
>> http://goo.gl/1jXg2I 
>     VS-)

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