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Headline on IT security listserv I subscribe to (part of my 'other day job'): 

Stuxnet 'Patient Zero' Attack Targets Revealed 

(for those who are unaware of Stuxnet, it was a nasty computer virus, probably created by the US Government, perhaps with the assistance of the Israelis, which was used to attack and damage Iran's nuclear research facility). 

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> Subject: patient zero
> DG: <Is it just me, or does the concept of "patient zero" make little
> sense>
> WB: Blame it on the Arabs for inventing zero. Chinese babies are one
> year old at birth, not zero, as was Jesus, whence pedantic quibbles
> over definition of decade (2000 to 2009 (me), or 2001 to 2010
> (quibblers)?).

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