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>From thefreedictionary.con you can hear that the British accent pronounces the "t"s in words well but the US accent changes them often to "d"s (such as for "better" "butter" "phonetic" "spastic".  I would think that dictionary pronunciation guides would show at least both versions of pronunciation, ~t and ~d .  The truespel guide for the VOA dictionary is possibly the only one that points this out (as well as glottalized "t" at the end of words).  It's reality (realidy).I know a little girl named "Serenity".  I would kid her and say Sereni----G?  Sereni----P?   And she would correct me and say Sereni-T.  But the last time I did it she said Sereni - D.  From the mouths of babes.

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> On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 10:06 PM, Randy Alexander wrote:
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> >ca=C2=B7thar=C2=B7tic
> >/k=C9=99=CB=88TH=C3=A4rdik/
> >
> > This is from a simple google search "define cathartic".  Has anyone come
> > across this?  It's not clear to me where they're pulling their data from,
> > but some of you might have a better clue.
> Google's dictionary data is licensed from OUP. You can find the same
> phonetic representation in the US English entry on Oxford Dictionaries
> Online (corresponding to NOAD):
> http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/american_english/cathartic
> The use of /d/ for the alveolar flap in US English was a change made
> in the third edition of NOAD. This brings it into line with the
> decision to use /d/ in similar cases in OED3, though there it's
> represented in IPA -- thus: /k=C9=99=CB=88=CE=B8=C9=91rd=C9=AAk/.
> The OED's choice of /d/ for American flapped /t/ has been criticized
> -- quite rightly, to my mind.  Larry Trask, who served as a consultant
> to OED3 in its planning stages, asked the Linguist List about this
> decision in 2001 and found an overwhelmingly negative reaction:
> http://www.linguistlist.org/issues/12/12-2166.html
> http://www.linguistlist.org/issues/12/12-2228.html
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