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Bathrooms With Full Frontal Views

NYTimes Nov. 12, 2014
http://tinyurl.com/n6thol2 or

Among the many vertiginous renderings for the 
penthouse apartments at 432 Park Avenue, the 
nearly 1,400-foot-high Cuisenaire rod that topped 
off last month, is one of its master (or 
mistress) of the universe bathrooms, a 
glittering, reflective container of glass and 
marble. The image shows a huge egg-shaped tub 
planted before a 10-foot-square window, 90 or 
more stories up. All of Lower Manhattan is spread 
out like the view from someone’s private plane.

Talk about power washing.

The dizzying aerial baths at 432 Park, while 
certainly the highest in the city, are not the 
only exposed throne rooms in New York. All across 
Manhattan, in glassy towers soon to be built or 
nearing completion, see-through chambers will 
flaunt their owners, naked, toweled or robed, 
like so many museum vitrines ­ although the 
audience for all this exposure is probably avian, not human.

Just wait!

There's much more in the article, including other 
residential buildings, such as one whose facility is described as:

Nine of the building’s C-line apartments 
expressed an even clearer idea: a wall of glass 
with two toilets at either end and a shower in 
the middle, which raised many an eyebrow among 
brokers and their clients because the toilets 
face each other. Design clarity ­ and a well-lit 
room ­ suggests questions about how private we 
want to be in our private spaces.


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>Since we've been discussing X-porn, I thought 
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>However, it's not in the X-porn category. 
>Instead, it's just the old boring porn shot entirely from drones.
>Yes, Drone-Porn Is A Thing Now (NSFW)
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