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"Budtender" made Oxford Dictionaries' WOTY shortlist.


Here's some early quotes (the earliest newspapers and tweet I found; the
earliest Usenet was just a link to the NYT with subject "Budtenders" in


"But Jacek Mroz told investigators that he was "hired to water and tend to
the marijuana plants," the affidavit said. Nieblas delivered plants twice a
week but said "he had the legal right to do so," authorities said. Dearaujo
and Angello served as trimmers, and Angello said she had previously worked
as a "bud tender" and cashier by the Compassionate Caregivers Club, the
affidavit said."

OAKLAND - Medical cannabis suspects hit with federal charges - CHP stakeout
results in shutdown of 4,000-plant warehouse operation
San Francisco Chronicle (CA) - Friday, July 2, 2004
Author: Henry K. Lee, Chronicle Staff Writer
Section: BAY AREA
Page: B5


""You can call me the bud tender," the white-coated Arrow said as he
offered patients their choice of 13 different kinds of marijuana, in
addition to such goodies as chocolate-flavored cannabis bars."

Medical pot users say they won't stop - Legal impact: Consensus is
enforcement won't increase
San Francisco Chronicle (CA) - Tuesday, June 7, 2005
Author: Joe Garofoli, Greg Lucas, Rachel Gordon, Chronicle Staff Writers
Section: NEWS
Page: A1


"The so-called budtenders who work behind large glass display cases provide
assistance in selecting the best strain. All of them are medical marijuana
users, and they typically are medicated while working."

California Reins In Clinics Using Marijuana for Medical Purposes
Published: June 15, 2005
The New York Times


"Why yes Mr. Budtender, I would like an 1/8 of the Purple Brain Damage
Kush." Only in California.

Brad Wilder, @gaeilbis, 9 Jun 2008



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