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I'm coming to believe that it is as accurate to ask a kindergarten class's best guess as it is to use google hit counts.  They aren't credible in any way.

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> According to many (about 418) Google News sources, "CDC Director Dr.
> Tom Frieden said she [2nd Texas hospital nurse] never should have
> stepped foot on the flight, but another federal official told CNN that
> no one at the agency stopped her."
> I would say "set foot on", but many Google Web sites disagree.
> My attempt to count produces incomprehensible results -- searching for
> "step foot on" (quoted) gives me pages that contain instead only "set
> foot on".  Irregardless:
> "set foot on" -- 28,400,000 Google Web hits.
> "stepped foot on" -- merely 2,740,000 Google Web hits.
> Joel
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