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Fascinating that the phrase has such a long history; great work, JL.
Here is a possible precursor in 1902.

Date: 1902 September
Periodical: St. Nicholas: A Monthly Magazine for Boys and Girls
Editor: Mary Mapes Dodge
Volume 29, Number 11
Article: Books and Reading
Start Page 1052, Quote Page 1053
Publisher: The Century Company, New York
Database: Google Books Full View


[Begin excerpt]
When you return from your vacation in the mountains, on the shore, by
the lakes, or amid the fields, looking tanned or ruddy, rested,
refreshed, and ready to run a race, or like the boy in the country
proverb, " Strong enough to butt a bull off a bridge!" do not make a
set of resolutions which will require the patience of Job. . .
[End excerpt]


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> John King on CNN suggests, with a note of humor, that should Hillary
> Clinton's campaign faulter, Vice President Biden is "tanned, rested, and
> ready" to run for the presidency.
> The phrase is often associated, perhaps erroneously, with Richard Nixon's
> 1968 campaign.
> 1910 _Detroit Free Press_ (Sept. 10) B1: With September begins the return
> of the summer tourists and expatriates from seashore and mountains, from
> lakes and quiet country places, tanned, rested and ready for the round of
> dinners, dances and activities of the winter's whirl of gayety.
> 1936 _Kappa Alpha Journal_ LII 282: The boys returned from last week's
> between-quarters vacation tanned, rested, and ready for a little hard work
> or something.
> 1960 _Galveston Daily News_ (Aug. 5) 3: Eisenhower Tanned, Rested and Ready
> to Return to Work.
> 1961 _Wall Street Journal_ (Sept. 27) 16: Monday, you're tanned, rested and
> ready - for _almost_ anything your world of commerce can confront you with.
> 1970 _Newsweek_  [GB]: Now, on the eve of his 57th birthday, Richard Nixon
> was tanned, rested and ready to leave California's sun for the snow and
> subfreezing temperature of Washington.
> 1988 Anna Quindlen in_Plain Dealer_ (Cleveland) (Jan. 17) 2G: "Nixon," I
> screamed. "Like the T-shirt says, he's tanned, rested and ready."
> BTW, I hadn't realized that suntans were considered fashionable by the
> "whirl of gayety" classes so early as 1910.
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