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Jensen's original article is available here:


I can't find Fried's rebuttal article, except behind a (rather expensive) paywall:

(and, btw, Fried's title, "No Irish Need Deny", is great)

Does anyone have contact info for Fried that I can ask her to send a copy?

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> Slightly off-topic, but interesting: In 2002, a professor published an article claiming that he could barely find any evidence for the supposed
> notices reading "No Irish need apply", and that the notion that the Irish were thus discriminated against stemmed from a sense of
> victimhood among modern Irish-Americans.
> A high-school student with better database-fu has no proved that, in fact, there were many such notices. The student's article is appearing
> in a major journal.
> http://www.longislandwins.com/columns/detail/high_school_student_proves_professor_wrong_when_he_denied_no_irish_need_app
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