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Surely this needs no reply.  The motivation is uncovering the truth.

I assume your reference to the book "demonstrating" that there were no Nazi gas-chambers and/or crematoria is to David Irving's allegations, thoroughly demolished by Deborah Lipstadt circa 2000.  She won a libel trial brought by Irving in Britain, where defense of a libel accusation is notoriously difficult.  See the Wikipedia article on Lipstadt.  I imagine the vast majority of the 14 million Jews alive in the world today care about this.

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Wikipedia's article on Richard J. Jensen (the self-described Ph.D. professor) has a section titled "The Debunking of Jensen's article: No Irish Need Apply: A Myth of Victimization, 2002/03".

What motivates the writing of papers and even books purporting to "debunk" history, I wonder? And why do other people care? Ten or fifteen years ago, someone wrote a book "demonstrating" that, IIRC, there were no Nazi gas-chambers and/or crematoria, claiming that the buildings were, in fact, otherly-purposed. This novel didn't enjoy much circulation at Harvard, but it was one of the books borrowed most often through the Harvard College Library Inter-Library Loan.
"Otherly-purposed" is a jocular nonce-formation that I've invented, just this moment. Let's see what Google says.
Four hits, the oldest dating from 2010. *Still* behind the curve.

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