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A very interesting follow-up.

A minor correction is that the definition comes from Wiktionary, not 
Urban Dictionary (which has incomplete definitions for the full and 
abbreviated forms).

Also, I've been trying to recall better what my bartender said.

I think his point was that some customers go to a bar because they want 
a sexually attractive female bartender, which probably (necessarily?) 
includes sexually-alluring cleavage and buttocks. With respect to that 
definition (which seems to fit in the normal scope of the term), neither 
the Oxford Dictionary's definition 
Wiktionary's definition (T&A (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/T%26A): 
"Scantily-clad women, or entertainment featuring scantily clad women") 
nor Arnold Zwicky's definition ("a display of tits and ass") hits the 
mark exactly. Surely tits-and-ass can include a bodaciously endowed 
woman who is not scantily clad.

Worth mentioning is "tits-and-ass man," referring to a man who likes 
tits and ass.

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