[Ads-l] more "X sucks" from 1966-67

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On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 1:37 PM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
> I also found a few "X sucks" examples from The Berkeley Barb in 1967:

Here are a few more from 1967 in other underground pubs:

"On Making a Perfect Mess" _The Buffalo Insighter_ (Buffalo, NY),
Sept. 25, 1967, p. 3, col. 2
As the network cameras wheel in for classic counter-demonstrator
footage, the Bomb Peking picket signs will be flipped to say "Does LBJ
"Mike Bloomfield: 'Honkies Can't Dig Soul Music" _The Fifth Estate_
(Detroit, MI), Oct. 1, 1967, p. 6, col. 2
[Mike Bloomfield:] White people just don't know, they just don't know
about anything. They suck entirely. Really generally, in everything,
but in music it is a horrible thing.
"Nitty Gritty" _The Screw_ (Lawrence, KS), Dec. 15, 1967, p. 1
Hippies suck. Because they're safe. Go home to your parents, hippies.


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