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Google is filled with references to the rido in the Philippines. 
Wikipedia has a page for this term (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rido), 
but I don't find it on the Oxford Dictionary site or Wiktionary.

Using Google dating, the earliest citation I find is 1977.

1. 1977
Filipino Heritage: The metal age in the Philippines
Alfredo R. Roces

"Trouble", is _bala'ola, bogabong, boriaoa', gia' maniksa', morka', 
ragaor, rambior, rasag, rido', ...

2. 1985
Dispute Processing in the Philippines
By Resil B. Mojares

That's up to you. I have no rido ('conflict')...

3. Plural form: 2000
Rebels, warlords, and ulama: a reader on Muslim separatism and the war 
in southern Philippines
By Eric U. Gutierrez

Some ridos may lie beneath the surface for years...
Ridos render all the males of the contending clans ... targets of vendetta.
After the resolution of the major ridos, the smaller ridos, ...

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