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Minor correction - it's the epidermis which has the melanin and gets scraped 

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white meat
down to the very bone
awww that dude got beat down to the white meat
by julie February 07, 2005

The soul-less may think that it means that - abstracting away from the fact
that, if white people decide that a BE expression means [...], then it
means [...], no doubt! - but it clearly doesn't, given that "meat" doesn't
mean "bone," unless "bone" is used to mean "erect penis."

If a person whose integument is sufficiently melanin-rich skins his knee,
then the dermis containing his knee's supply of melanin is what is
"skinned" off, revealing the white skin - we're all white on the inside,
apparently - that had been hidden under the portion of the body's
integument that contains its melanin. Hence,

down to the white meat = "to a trivial degree"
awww that dude got beat down to the white meat = though that dude was badly
in need of a ass-whipping - awww signaling disappointment - didn't nothing
happen to him worthy of note.

The "white meat" rapidly fills with blood, which become a scab. When the
scab falls off, the "white meat" is again revealed, but it's now speckled
with melanin-bearing cells that soon coalesce to restore the healed area to
its original hue. 

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