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ADSGarson O'Toole adsgarsonotoole at GMAIL.COM
Sun Dec 6 20:26:53 UTC 2015

Charlie wrote:
> Several times lately I've come across the term "ammosexual"
. . .

Here are some tweets for "ammosexual(s)" beginning in 2010 and a bonus
tweet for thematically related "gundamentalist" in 2009. I didn't
search for variant spellings etcetera. Also, Usenet is another place
to look, but I find it difficult to search.

[Begin tweet info]
Michael Anderson
@NickSeam they prefer to be called ammosexuals.
5:10 PM - 28 Jun 2010
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[Begin tweet info]
Ammosexual..I suck the bullet out..and spit it back at you..Now that's
what a thugs about. Not you lame dealers living at your mama house.
10:34 AM - 11 Nov 2010
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David Rowland
Wayne LaPierre, perhaps America's most prominent ammosexual, just
wants acceptance for his lifestyle choices. #nra #gunfetish
9:28 AM - 4 Feb 2013
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Stolen from the interwebs. I am a gundamentalist!
5:34 AM - 6 Dec 2009
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