[Ads-l] metaformation

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at GMAIL.COM
Tue Dec 8 00:00:57 UTC 2015

At some point in _Birdman_ Michael Keaton accuses his Birdman alter ego of
being a "metaformation."

The Birdman angrily replies, "I am *not* a metaformation."

I played the scene several times to make sure I heard what I thought I was
hearing. It was definitely not "metaphor," and my wife heard it too.

No Google hits on "metaformation/ meta formation + birdman."

IMDb alleges the phrase was "mental formation."

Could be, but we rejected that possibility. It sounded like "metaformation."

Regardless of the facts, I prophesy more "metaformations" in the future. I
will certainly be doing my part.


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