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JL wonders:
> Was a gundamentalist quite the same thing in 1926?
> Maybe it was a mentalist who packed a roscoe.

Below is the short passage containing the term in "gundamentalist"
that was published in "The New Yorker" in 1926:

[Begin except]
Down in Texas the shouting Baptist has evolved into the shooting
Baptist. Rev. J. Frank Norris has now reached the position of
America’s leading gundamentalist.
[End excerpt]

The section featuring the text above included about a dozen
miscellaneous items and was titled "Of All Things". The name Howard
Brubaker appeared below the final item, and Brubaker may have
assembled the full collection.

Nancy's post presented additional details about Norris which suggested
that the meaning of "gundamentalist" in 1926 was similar to the modern

Admittedly, other senses for the term may be imagined, and JL offers
an excellent example. I would add that the word might apply to a child
who demands that his or her huggable teddy bear must be manufactured
by Gund (gund.com).


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