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Good point, JL. The meaning of the "gundamentalist" pun in 1926 is
difficult to determine from the isolated example which has been

The phrases "First Amendment fundamentalist" and "Second Amendment
fundamentalist" emerged in more recent decades. The connotations and
denotations of the recent uses of "gundamentalist" might have been
influenced by the secular phrase (or notion) "Second Amendment

I think that the connotation of religious fervor is present for the
pun and both of the phrases.

Below is an example of "First Amendment fundamentalist" in 1967. GB
seems to contain an earlier match. GB also seems to have a match in
the 1980s for "Second Amendment fundamentalist". I have not tried to
verify the GB matches.

Date: August 12, 1967
Newspaper: Tucson Daily Citizen
Newspaper Location: Tucson, Arizona
Article: Arizonan Writes About Hugo Black
Author: Charles Turbyville (Citizen Staff Writer)
Quote Page 17, Column 2


[Begin excerpt]
Frank notes that Black has been known chiefly in recent years for his
civil liberties opinions -- as a "First Amendment fundamentalist". At
the time of his appointment, however, these matters were "at the
margin of the important issues," Frank writes.
[End excerpt]

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> Thanks, Garson.
> But is true that a modern-day gundamentalist must  be a religious
> fundamentalist?
> Or can she or he just have a literalist faith in Amendment 2?
> (Not to split hair triggers....)
> JL
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>> JL wonders:
>> > Was a gundamentalist quite the same thing in 1926?
>> >
>> > Maybe it was a mentalist who packed a roscoe.
>> Below is the short passage containing the term in "gundamentalist"
>> that was published in "The New Yorker" in 1926:
>> [Begin except]
>> Down in Texas the shouting Baptist has evolved into the shooting
>> Baptist. Rev. J. Frank Norris has now reached the position of
>> America=E2=80=99s leading gundamentalist.
>> [End excerpt]
>> The section featuring the text above included about a dozen
>> miscellaneous items and was titled "Of All Things". The name Howard
>> Brubaker appeared below the final item, and Brubaker may have
>> assembled the full collection.
>> Nancy's post presented additional details about Norris which suggested
>> that the meaning of "gundamentalist" in 1926 was similar to the modern
>> meaning.
>> Admittedly, other senses for the term may be imagined, and JL offers
>> an excellent example. I would add that the word might apply to a child
>> who demands that his or her huggable teddy bear must be manufactured
>> by Gund (gund.com).
>> Garson
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