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To sleeve -- to (surreptitiously) insert an object up one's sleeve, so as to vanish it.
_The Bazaar, Exchange and Mart Journal of the Household_ Jan
26, 1876 p 72 col 1

"Nothing remains but to sleeve the coin."


_The Sphinx_ Jul 1902 p 4 col 1

"Pocket the sleeved knife after adroitly securing


_The Sphinx_ Aug 1941 p 204 col 3

"You won't believe me when I tell you, but the lighted
"ciggie" is actually "sleeved.""note that "ciggie" also is not in the OED (it is in HDAS as far back as 1915)


Jean Hugard _Close-up Magic for the Night Club Magician_ 4th
Revised Edition. London:  Davenport &
Co., ca. 1938.  p 54

"An expert can sleeve a coin or other small object
without the slightest fear of detection."


_Hugard's Magic Monthly_ Dec 1950 p 735 col 3

"This sudden backward motion automatically allows you
to sleeve the ring."


_The Linking Ring_ Jan 2009 p 91 col 1

"The stolen card is sleeved into the left sleeve as you
spread the cards." 		 	   		  
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