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Many thanks for all your efforts tracing the Chinese adage, Benjamin.
Because of the complexities you have outlined I decided to update the
entry using the information in the recently published English
translation from University of Washington Press (which you linked) as
my citation. Hence, I'm depending on the scholars that prepared that
edition. The adage appeared in two of the stories:

Story 3: The Oil-Peddler Wins the Queen of Flowers
Story 19: Bai Yuniang Endures Hardships and Brings about Her Husband’s Success

In an ideal world, scans of the 1627 document would be online together
with a translation and annotations, so I could link to it directly.

The Foreword of the U. of Washington book gives background information
which I placed into the bibliographic note.

You are listed in the acknowledgement,

With appreciation,

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> Thank you for the kind response, Garson. I=E2=80=99ve looked into this a =
> little further. I=E2=80=99ve tried to consolidate this e-mail but it=E2=80=
> =99s still a little rambling. Spoiler alert: nothing definitive except =
> for the author, library and title of the short story in the first three =
> paragraphs below.
> The name of the author is provided on the English Wikipedia page =
> (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_you_live_in_interesting_times) as =
> Feng Menglon, which is linked to a page with his name as F=C3=A9ng =
> M=C3=A8ngl=C3=B3ng (=E9=A6=AE=E5=A4=A2=E9=BE=8D or simplified as =

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