[Ads-l] "A Collaret, is a kind of _a_ Gorget"

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Sat Dec 26 00:19:37 UTC 2015

Thanks to Jesse for the source, _The Ladies Dictionary_ of 1694.

Turns of phrase such as "a kind of a, a sort of a, a type of a" et sim.
were once roundly condemned - and still may be, for all that I know - as
being at least as "ungrammatical" as splitting an infinitive. This "rule"
seems to me to have caught on. My impression is that "a kind of a" etc. are
rare in either speech or writing, anymore. ;-) I used my wife as a guinea
pig and with, no hesitation, she averred that "a kind of _a_" is, indeed,

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