[Ads-l] "on-court gags =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=94_?=or reams, as the players called them "

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"On-court gag" sounds like a polite rationalization of something stronger
and off-court, e.g., a nasty prank.

Cf. "fuck with someone," "fuck someone over."  And, of course, to "punk"
(as in UrbanDictionary, "A punk is a male who has practical jokes played on
them or is picked on, usually on a regular basis, by others (punk'd)."

And (also UD): "Punk  to anally rape.  variation on 'punk', to play a
practical joke."

To "punk" someone in the jokey sense is to make them look like an idiot
through the employment of pranking science.

I first encountered it about a dozen years ago.


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> New Journal and Guide (Norfok VA) Mar. 20, 1976
> [no laughs in Hong Kong even though:]
> "There were 55,000 people in the stands and the Globetrotters were doing
> th=
> eir thing as only they can. All the shots were falling, every ream was
> work=
> ing and the whole game plan was running like clockwork."
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