[Ads-l] Heard: "a maximum-security *lock(-)down*"

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 1 04:24:39 UTC 2015

Where, in context, "... lock(-)down" - instead of "maximum-security
*lock(-)up*" - means "prison"

233,110 raw G-hits for "... lock(-)down" v. 906,600 for "... lock(-)up"

Heretofore, IME, a "lock(-)up" was a prison and a "lock(-)down" was a state
that held in a prison, under certain circumstances.

A cursory look through G-Books has no examples of "... lock(-)down" used
for the prison itself at all, in the last century or in this one.

OTOH, there is the South Mountain Maximum Security Lockdown, a prison in
South Mountain, Pennsylvania. However, this isn't its official name:

"The South Mountain _Secure Treatment Unit_ is a 50-plus-bed facility for
habitual violent and sex offenders."
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