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Fred's prediction has come true -- "unobtanium" is now listed in the OED.

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> I have previously suggested that OED should have entries for "kryptonite"
> (Superman), the spice "melange" (Dune) and "ice-nine" (Cat's Cradle).  No
> one seemed particularly to agree with me, as I remember.
> I am inspired to return to this topic by noticing that Wikipedia has an
> article, "List of Fictional Elements, Materials, Isotopes and Atomic
> Particles."  This list supplies me with some additional candidates:
> adamantium (Wolverine)
> carbonite (The Empire Strikes Back)
> dilithium (Star Trek)
> After its use in the film Avatar, "unobtanium" may also merit OED
> inclusion.
> Fred Shapiro
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Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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