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> Thanks, for pointing to the entry for "unobtanium", Bill. The earliest
> citation listed in the Oxford English Dictionary in 1956 is the one I
> posted to the ADS mailing list during the discussion in April 2014.
> Proud that I was able to help the OED linguists trace this fun word
> (though the cite may have been found independently).
> http://listserv.linguistlist.org/pipermail/ads-l/2014-April/132262.html
> Garson

In 2004 I linked to a Michael Quinion column on unobtanium:


Quinion's column includes reference to the 1956 citation.  But it also includes references to cites after 2004, so it must have been updated since then.

Garson's 1956 cite is also in the Bath NY _Steuben Advocate_ of that date:


Since Bath is east of Marshall MI, perhaps this slightly antedates? <G>  Without knowing if either is a morning or afternoon paper, it's hard to be sure . . . 

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