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> Not that this necessarily helps, but Patti Smith, in her (Philadelphia-and
> South Jersey-inflected) audio reading of her wonderful memoir _Just Kids_,
> exhibits a number of Philly-isms in her phonology, among which is her
> consistent linking [l] in words like "drawing".  So there are  requent
> references to Mapplethorpe's and her "drawlings". (I brought this up last
> summer when we were in the middle of a thread on "hog mawls".)  I'm
> wondering if the slang word above, whatever its current range of
> applicability, might have originated as "drawing" rather than "drawling".
> As to the meaning, I did say it wouldn't necessarily help.

The indispensable Ring Lardner - Page 258
Ring Lardner, ‎Gilbert Vivian Seldes - 1950 - ‎Snippet view
"These is thurlbreds." "So was they thurlbreds!" she says.

The Thurlbredz is, by coincidence, the name of a hip-hop crew from St.

"Drawing" may very well be the origin. As for the semantics, as the Ames
Brothers sang, in another context, "Can anyone explain?" How can "shine
someone on" mean to "brush someone off," whereas "shine someone off" and
"brush someone on" are both meaningless?


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