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"Salty goodness" has some currency, referring to anything desirable,
especially a hot guy.

It goes back to an episode of _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_, "Never Kill a Boy
on the First Date," first aired on 31 March 1997. The character Cordelia
says "Hello, salty goodness" upon first seeing Angel (a good-looking
fellow). The line is repeated years later on the show _Angel_, "Spin the
Bottle," aired 10 November 2002, when Cordelia, having lost her memory,
spies Angel again.

It has an entry in Urban Dictionary, and Googling turns up a number of hits,
many in reference to food, but others not.

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I've been noticing the popularity of "salty" for a while now, but mainly in
the sense of off-color language, as in this quote from deadline.com:

"In fact, reader advisory, this panel was more of an f-minefield, thanks to
[Denis] Leary's vigorous use of a particular term. Break out the asterisks
for a salty ride."

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