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Mark Mandel thnidu at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jan 20 22:21:31 UTC 2015

A Swedish friend sent me a link. *Warning: The top item on the page is a
NSFW <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_safe_for_work> photo.*

*Here Are The Incredible Words Sweden Invented In 2014

The Swedish Language Council has blessed the Swedish language this year
with a list of 40 new words—all of them absolutely phenomenal, all of them
imminently adoptable for even non-Swedish speakers.

There are your usual suspects: *usie* (the plural of “selfie”), *normcore*
(that current fashion trend of purposefully emulating 1990s mall dads) and
other cultural touchstones you might find in year-end additions from
Merriam-Webster and the like. And then there are some truly
unique creations that could only have come from a country as steadfastly
unique as Sweden.

It goes on to list 15 of them, mostly not looking as much like English
loans as these two do. I wrote back to him

Are these neologisms for real? I can't tell if this is real or satire.

He replied:

Oh, they’re for real, it’s sort of a tradition for the Language Council

to advertise the most popular new words during the past year, see the full
list at

The words won’t necessarily find their way into SAOL, the Swedish Academy

but that in turn has its own list of new words that will be added to the
next edition:
(Unfortunately without explanations and examples.)


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