[Ads-l] Sleaze Letigimized - Euphemism Rampage

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jan 21 12:23:21 UTC 2015

Fun while it lasted. There goes my buddy pass.
>From a UAL VP to employees:
<<The unique privilege of pass travel is part of what makes working for an
airline so special and it’s important to all of us. These privileges allow
us to see the world with our families and close friends. We all share the
responsibility to comply with the terms of United's pass travel policy;
however, we’ve found an increasing number of instances where employees are
abusing these privileges.
In violation of our policy, enrolled friend status and buddy passes can be
purchased online every day, and “pass travel brokers” run underground
businesses illegally selling buddy passes. We have discovered employees who
have sold enrolled friend status or even fraudulently designated
individuals as eligible family members. Some employees have used their
privileges for themselves or family members to travel for other jobs or
side businesses. Based upon conversations with my peers at the other major
airlines, this situation isn’t unique to United . . . >>

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