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No new search engine needed - there's already Dogpile 
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Featured in a story on tonight's NBC News.  Yup, goggles for dogs, =
apparently all the rage: you retire and ride around the country on your =
chopper, with your faithful canine companion in the side-car wearing =
doggles.  I didn't realize from the episode that it's a proprietary =
name, but evidently it is: http://shop.doggles.com/dog/eyewear.  Still, =
a more esthetic blend to my ear than "deflatriot", "Belicheat", =
"Cheatriots", or what have you.   But then again I'm a New Englander, so =
maybe not entirely objective.

Another coinage or two along the way on this relatively original take on =
the "scandal":

As for "doggles", I'm looking forward to the first computers (lab-tops?) =
on which dogs will be able to access the internet, using the patented =
fetch engine Doogle.  (And of course there's already Spotify for the =
musical mutts.)


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