[Ads-l] "inoculationist" -- not in OED

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Tue Jan 27 16:52:54 UTC 2015

"Inoculationist" -- "a person favoring intervention, such as by 
inoculation, to prevent a disease."  Not in OED3.

1882 Saint Bartholomew's Hospital Reports XVIII. 413.  [The earliest 
in Google Books.]

"The sanitarian, in opposition to the inoculationist, taught that man 
was naturally healthy, and not prone to disease; that health, and not 
a chronic state of cow-pox was the antithesis to small-pox; ..."

[There are later quotations in Google Books.  I have not searched 
elsewhere, such as American or British newspapers or ECCO.]


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