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At 1/28/2015 07:45 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:

>Us guys ain't. It's dem guys in Beantown.

Us guys in Beantown won't take da rap feh NoMaggedon.  Dat's outta Nu 
Yawk.  Wheah dose wimps complain because their weather forecasters 
predicted heavy snowfall and it didn't come.  Up here, where we know 
how to deal with weather, even though our new governor said Mother 
Nature is a "big, powerful lady" and mostly we talk and write about 
it a lot, our professional weather forecasters were right on, having 
predicted 24 inches for Boston and 24+ for the South Shore and Cape 
and the higher elevations around Worcester.

Our forecasters (at least on WCVB-TV) were more sympathetic to the NY 
forecasters than Nick Gillespie, commenting that it was very 
difficult to predict the snowfall at the storm's north-western edge 
due to uncertainties about its eventual track.  They acknowledged 
making the similar mispredictions for western Massachusetts, 
including the Berkshires, as NYers did for their area.


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