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> For reference, the earliest New Orleans reference to "jazz" that I've
> seen is from the Nov. 12, 1916 issue of the newspaper The New Orleans
> States (via GenealogyBank). This is two days earlier than the New
> Orleans Picayune article that I reported on here:
> http://www.vocabulary.com/articles/wordroutes/jazz-a-tale-of-three-cities/
> Both articles are about New Orleans stage hands preparing a "jas
> parade" as part of their annual ball, as a way for New Orleans to
> stake its proper claim to jazz (the music, if not the word), which was
> already heavily associated with Chicago. Text of the 11/12/16 article
> follows below.
It's intriguing that there's this conscious competition for the claim to 
the thing/name already at that point. . .

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