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JL wrote:
> Fancy tech talk for "newly assembled or produced":
> "The F-15SA is the most advanced production F-15 Eagle ever built. Saudi
> Arabia ordered 84 new build F-15SAs."
> I've seen this usage for a number of years, hyphenated rarely.

"new build" is used to refer to a new executable version of a program
that has been constructed by compiling and linking source code.
Perhaps, this jargon from the domain of computer programming and
software engineering has been generalized to apply to new designs of
jets and other products.

Below is an instance of "new build" referring to a new version of
Windows 10 (which is still under development). Each "build" is
identified with a different number.

Website: PC World
Article: Microsoft Windows 10 build 10074 tightens Cortana
integration, adds Aero Glass
Author: Mark Hachman
Date: Apr 29, 2015


[Begin excerpt]
The new build will be available to subscribers in both the "fast" and
"slow" rings, meaning there will be ISO files to download for those
who want to start fresh. Also, Microsoft has stopped calling them
"technical previews" and now refers to them as ‘Insider previews.”
[End excerpt]

Oxford Dictionaries attempts to list this sense from the software
domain under the headword "build".

Build noun
2. Computing   A compiled version of a program.
2.1 The process of compiling a program.


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