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OED has "open carry" (of firearms, as opposed to "concealed carry") as a noun from 1985, and as an adj from 1995.  It does not have the verb "to open carry".

16 May 1895 Salt Lake Herald p 2 col 4 [Newspapers.com]
"The British law based on the Paris award does not forbid the open carrying of arms." 

10 Feb 1972 Cumberland MD _Cumberland News_ p 40 col 1
"Much of the vocal opposition to the bill's ban on open carrying of handguns ins coming from Eastern Shore lawmakers, including Sen. Frederick C. Malkus Jr., D-Lower Shore."

28 Sep 1987 San Bernardino County Sun p 1 col 1 
"Florida police fear 'open carry' gun law" [headline]

3 May 2014 Granbury TX _Hood County News_ p 4 col 1
"What in the world is happening to our society that we feel the need to "open carry" weapons?"


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