[Ads-l] factoid or foolishness?

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Mon Jul 13 13:56:29 UTC 2015

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> On 7/8/2015 7:23 AM, Amy West wrote:
>> >....
>> >
>> >(On that note, this German reader/speaker was driven nuts by the
>> >spelling of the German soccer player's first name "Dszenifer". Yep:
>> >that's "Jennifer" auf Deutsch. Look at that cluster they have to use.
>> >"Dsch-" is what I think I've seen used before (as in "Dschungel"
>> >["jungle']).
> --
> Apparently Dzsenifer Marozsán was born in Hungary, of Hungarian descent,
> and I guess her name is spelled Hungarian style.
> -- Doug Wilson
That cluster does make better sense as a Hungarian one than German one: 
Thank you for (again) doing my homework for me.

---Amy West

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