[Ads-l] "to keep up" -- 'to continue' or 'to be au courant'

Joel Berson berson at ATT.NET
Fri Jul 17 17:55:23 UTC 2015

"You still see commentators who haven't kept up invoking this story as if it were obviously true."

The story is the discredited belief that technological change is the inescapable cause of low wage rates for low-skilled jobs.  Quote from Paul Krugman, NYTimes Op Ed page, today.

Does "commentators who haven't kept up invoking this story" mean "commentators who have stopped invoking this story"?  My first try, but it contradicts what precedes and follows.  The "still" is a signal, but it's a weak one.  So it must be "You see commentators who haven't kept abreast -- au courant -- about the discreditation [of the story] still invoking this story".

"Kept up-to-date" would have helped.


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