[Ads-l] an early "high fluting" (1838)

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Sat Jul 18 12:53:51 UTC 2015

>From the Crib of Solomon Corncob, Buttermilk Hill.

Odds, flour barrels, and meal bags! Mr. Editor! What's got into you...to be writing and printing such nonsense about Polly and me! I did'nt altogether like it, to have Polly's name figuring about in the newspapers, without my leave. To be sure, you say Polly's a nice girl, and so she is, and I guess it wouldn't be good for anybody's wholesome, to gainsay it; but, Sir, if Polly's name is to be in the paper, I don't know why it may not be in poetry, as well as Corinna and Jemima and the other high fluting names you have rhymed off on your first page....JACK POOR MOUSE

Hudson River Chronicle [via AmHisN] 08-28-1838 v.1 issue 45 p.3 col. 2 Ossining, NY.

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