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I suspect an origin from present or former college students and teachers having to go stand on line at a cafeteria, rather than being served at table.  They have to go get their food rather than having it come to them.


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Charlie, I was using "get food" this way in grad school in 1975.  I still
use it for the stylistic eccentricity. My recollection is that I invented
it independently.

Not "Let's get some food."

"Let's [go] get food."


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> My sister, who works at a junior college in northern California, mentioned
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> to me that college-aged persons nowadays seem not to say "Let's go to
> lunch=
> " or "Let's go eat" but rather "Let's get food." She speculates that a
> fact=
> or may be the prevalence of ambulatory eating.
> I don't recall hearing "Let's get food" in Georgia--but I'll be listening.
> Charlie
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