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Jonathan Lighter on the list in 2013:

> Means "seven-card stud." Not in OED. I heard it in the late '50s and
> brought it to the attention of the List in 2005.
> 1919 _Evening Herald_ (Klamath Falls, Ore.) (Aug. 13) 4: Nifty with the
> cards, especially Seven-Toed Pete.
> 1922 _Bellingham Herald_ (June 28) 9: Black-jack, faro, roulette,
> seven-toed Pete, draw, African golf and crackola.

Portland OR _Oregon Daily Journal_ p 21 col 2
"The hands were drawn in what is known as the "Seven-toed-Pete" game and first P. P. held a heart royal flush and second P. P held a diamond royal flush."

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