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An Irish court report from 1880 on the prosecution of Charles Stewart
Parnell included copies of the following documents:

Paudeen O'Rafferty on the Landlords Ten Commandments

Paudeen O Rafferty's Opinions upon the Foregoing Creed

Title: Report of the Trial of the Queen: At the Prosecution of the Rt.
Hon. the Attorney-General Against Charles Stewart Parnell [et Al.] for
Conspiracy in Inciting Tenants Not to Pay Rents Contracted for : and
Deterring Tenants from Payment of Rent, Commencing Tuesday, December
28, 1880



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> OED and Australian National Dictionary have 1918 for Rafferty rules. Earlie=
> r this week I antedated that to 1911:
> Independent (Footscray, Victoria) 15 July 1911 p. 3 col. 4 [Trove]:
> The umpire lost all control of the game, and it became a case of Rafferty's=
>  rules with the players.
> Then I learned of the 1880 tract or screed by Michael Davitt (1846-1906), u=
> sing a name known from Irish ballad:
> Paudeen O'Rafferty on the Landlord's Ten Commandments Dedicated to Extermin=
> ators and Rack-Renters as also to the People who Work: Creed of the right H=
> on: Lord Clan Rackrent, Earl of Idleness and Viscount Absentee.
> This is reprinted in Michael Davitt: collected writings (2001), which I hav=
> e not seen. But a long quotation was printed in The Queenslander (Brisbane,=
>  Qld.) 5 March 1881 p. 311 "The Irish Difficulty" col. 2-3, here 3. [Trove =
> Newspapers]. A very rough paraphrase might be: landlords, evil beings, can =
> do what they want. Or, to para-paraphrase: no rules, just wrong. It turns o=
> ut that there are numerous instances of O'Rafferty('s) rules as well as Raf=
> ferty's. Here's one from 1908:
> If [horse] riders do not wish to assist in putting down the practice, and a=
> re prepared to ride under "O'Rafferty" rules, then they must put up with th=
> e consequences.
> Auckland Star v. 39 iss. 1, 1 January 1908 p. 3 {PapersPast] The Racing Wor=
> ld.
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