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The term "air-gapped" is in the newssphere (that and "newsosphere" not 
in Wiktionary or on the Oxford Dictionary site) with a story about how a 
feature phone can hack an air-gapped computer (http://wrd.cm/1IpCROC).

"Air-gapped" is on Wiktionary 
(https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/air-gapped) but not the Oxford 
Dictionary site.

1. The term "air gap" goes back to at least 1890:
Electricity as Applied to Street Railways
by Frank J. Sprague
The Electrical Engineer

But we know that by far the largest portion of the resistance is 
encountered in the air gap, and that increasing the length of the gap...

(The term appears also earlier in the article, on page 194 in section 4).

2. "Air gapped" appears in 1914 in the Official Gazette of the U.S 
Patent Office in both open and hyphenated form
by Charles H. Spangler

an air gapped non-magnetic disk
an air-gapped disk arranged

I don't have the patience to try to figure out the earliest example as 
applied to computer security.

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